Children of the Heart and Children of the Mind?

I have not yet even written the first words on this subject that has been invading my mind for some days and I already feel that it may be somehow controversial.

Why talk about children of the heart and children of the mind?

Well, many of the lives and stories I follow are related to women, children, pregnancy processes, conception difficulties, miscarriages, and so on. The explanations to these events can be several: genetic pattern, autoblocks, unfavourable life cycle, etc.
Today, I will focus on talking about love, about unconditional love. The kind of love that solves everything and achieves everything.  There are women who come to me because they have heard of some cases in which after a therapeutic process, which essentially goes through awareness and unlocking of negative cellular patterns, have been able to conceive and give birth perfectly healthy babies. Babies, even, who no longer bring in their DNA these negative patterns. But apart from realising the source of the problem, these women must be able to answer this question:

Do I want my baby with my heart or do I want him with my head? 

Does this question make sense to you?

Let’s see then: when a mother wants a baby with her heart, she vibrates with any idea associated with the baby, because she wants it with her soul (the unconscious wishes, the conscious manifests) It’s as if she breathed “babies” from that time on. It doesn’t cause  her any confusion to imagine the free time she will not have, the nights she will not sleep, the change (sometimes radical) of routines, changes in the body. She can find a solution to all the list of less good “things” that others are keen to point it out to her. As if somehow they wanted her to give up having a baby.

When a mother wants a baby with her head (and here I’m not saying she doesn’t want it from the heart), she does it essentially because in her frame of reference (cultural values, life experience, family vision, etc.), it is what she considers to be more correct or because something in her unconscious tells her that “it’s time to start a family”. Many times, just because almost all her friends are pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant. And as in other areas of our lives, we want to be an integral part of the “reference group”. It doesn’t mean that these mothers do not love their children heartily, let this be well understood, but in fact, they will go through many frustrating moments and doubt whether this decision was the best for their lives.

This helps to explain, for example, how mothers who adopt a child are able to love them more than biological mothers. And also explains why we often witness the atrocious situations of biological mothers who do so badly to their children.

Please be aware that I am not saying that all mothers who have difficulty conceiving is just because they do not really want the baby form the heart, but most of the explanations  starts here.

In fact, some mothers may be reading this and do not agree at all with this explanation. But remember that we can consciously “feel” that we want a baby very much and that we want it from the heart and with all our strength, but our unconscious may be saying exactly the opposite, blocking the realisation of that dream.

Example 1:

A mother who has been trying to conceive for many years, but can not, despite wanting a baby more than anything. Consciously she feels she has done everything in her power. But in her DNA is present a pattern that makes her very independent and focused, above all, on her career and professional activity. Without realising it, his unconscious says to her: “Yes, the ideal would be for me to have a baby, but then what will my day-to-day be? When and how can I dedicate myself to my work again as I so love? When can I go back to training? When will I be available to propose myself to a higher position?

Example 2:

“I really want to have a child at age 26, all the women in my family had their children before the age of thirty and I also want to (Mind speaking). There is a female hereditary pattern of women who had their children before they were thirty. The new mother-to-be has probably not allowed herself to feel if that’s what she wants for herself. She wants a child because so have the women of her family. And what does your heart say? ”

Why do I consider working with mothers or future mothers so important?

Because children are really our future and because in many cases they have been blocked and prevented from pursuing their lives because they are with mothers who love them with their heads and not with their hearts.

Those who love with the heart, they free … Those who love with the mind, in a moment of mental instability, can have serious and atrocious behaviours very easily, carrying fear, pain and discomfort to their children.

Mothers of the heart (biological or not), will always be able to feel what is best to do and if they have a clear mind … they will proceed correctly. Love will bring the answer … Love will heal and love will free!

Marta Pica Rodrigues

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