Are you your best version?

How many times have you dared to do something outside of your comfort zone?
How many times have you allowed yourself to have fun with an activity you did as a child, just for the pure pleasure you have while you do it?
How many times have you admitted that what you really wanted to do was to swing a rock or to play one of those usual child games?
I, in particular, feel happier and more authentic when I am with children. They make the best of me and I feel more comfortable to manifest all my wishes without the fear of being judged by an adult look. Should not we all be able to play games throughout our lives, without fears, without criticism or judgment? This afternoon I decided to play and I ventured to paint with watercolors. So good that it was!
In terms of learning, there is a lot of talk about three types of knowledge: know-know, know-how, and know-being. In my perspective, there is one that we must give at least equal importance, the potential-knowledge. Potential knowledge is related to being creative. We can all have the same kind of knowledge, but if we are creative we will execute our knowledge in a different way and that’s what makes us achieve something greater. We think “out of the box” and run our plans and ideas inventively. It’s knowledge-potential that makes the difference.
In order for us to develop it, we must allow our creativity to flow and be transported through multiple activities, taking pleasure in what we do. 
What is the relationship between this and being a child throughout life? The whole connection: Children are the purest and fullest representation of the human being. They are creative, inventive, fearless, pioneering, joyful and full of life. They give wings to the imagination and are not afraid to look ridiculous when they manifest the most “strange” of ideas. It’s in this process of fluid creation that they know each other and discover potential. To be creative in adulthood is to allow us to access our essence, our fullest expression of the best we have brought with us from childhood.
Allow yourself to play … Allow yourself to be creative … Allow yourself to dream… And you will discover who you truly are. You will discover “old-new” talents and recycle your will to live.
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