ARTEM Mindful Home

I always loved everything related to the house. Being at home with family, cooking, cleaning, organizing, entertaining friends …
I started studying House Psychology about 15 years ago. And that was when the possibility of adding something that gave me pleasure to my professional activity arose.
I immediately realized the importance of our home for our well-being.
During the following years, I took several courses and read many books on different methods of looking at the home: Classic Feng Shui, Contemporary Feng Shui, Dan-Sha-Ri, Marie Kondo Method and Wabi-Sabi.
But let’s go a little further…
In 2016, I started studying mindfulness and the following year I moved to Denmark. And something new started to emerge!
They are two different concepts, with different geographic origins but which are similar in so many things. 
As I told you, as a psychologist, I started studying mindfulness a few years ago.  In personal terms, I started to apply the learning I was doing to my daily life.
It was there that I began to see similarities with the way of life of the Danes, which they call Hygge. Here I found my lifestyle idealized so many years ago. 
In practice, I can see that there are different concepts around the world that, in the end, represent very similar ways of living.
This service appears in this segment: an articulation between my professional knowledge and experience and my ideal of life found on Danish soil.