ARTEM Philosophy

Artem is a company dedicated to Mindfulness Training and Personal Empowerment!

☝️In ARTEM Company we promote personal empowerment. The focus is always on getting the customer to be the most autonomous, independent and capable in their process of self-development.

☝️In ARTEM Company, each intervention process, whether individually or in groups, is designed specifically for the case itself and for the needs of the client (s). At ARTEM Company, we speak your language. Tell us your beliefs, values ​​and ideologies and we will adapt our guidelines to your language, continuing to be faithful to our intervention process and the ARTEM language.

☝️In ARTEM Company, we make constant updates, considering that the wisest is the one who knows that he knows nothing and therefore always seeks to grow and evolve. At the ARTEM Company, we have created unique tools to support all the services we offer.

☝️In ARTEM Company, we have created opportunities for you to be part of the network of professionals certified in ARTEM Methodology (ask us how).

☝️In ARTEM Company, we foster partnerships with distinguished professionals in different capacities, in order to promote even more distinct and personalized services.

At the ARTEM Company, we are serious professionals while we put a smile on your faces or make you laugh.

All the services are developed inside and outside of Denmark, being Portugal one of the strongest destinations of ARTEM Company practice.