The 5 Steps are:


A – Achieve

R – Recognize
 T – Timing

E – Execute

M – Materialize


These 5 steps gives the name to the ARTEM Methodology.

“I Achieve”, is related with what I want to achieve in a precise moment of my life, totally aware of who I am and of what I want to reach as a life ideal.

“I Recognize” leads me to recognize my personal value and resources. Focused on my talents and my maximum potential, as well as the resources I have at that moment of my life, I’ll realize that I hold everything I need at that moment to follow up on my goal. Here I focus on what I have, not what I “still” don’t have.

I Timed” leads me to reflect on how I will manage my time to get to the final goal. New routines and habits may have to be assumed and new priorities set for day-to-day time to be profitable and productive.

“I Execute” leads me to set minimum goals to accomplish daily. Specific goals that will lead me to the great ultimate goal. Step by step, I’m approaching the goal that I aspire to building a new reality. The anxiety decreases as I realize my achievements and the satisfaction fills me with internal motivation.

“I Materialize” is related to the final goal, to the materialization of the goal that it was proposed to achieve in step one “Achieve”. It’s now time to reflect on the whole process and celebrate the new reality. A new structure was born now!