“I was early taught to work as well as play.

My life has been one long, happy holiday;

Full of work and full of play.

I dropped the worry on the way, and GOD was good to me every day.”


This quote by John D. Rockefeller, defines my attitude towards life and the path that I have structured for my professional career.

I am the Founder of ARTEM – an innovative methodology that brings together Mindfulness, Creativity and Emotional Intelligence. 

ARTEM is a methodology, which has as main focus, to guide each person in the acceptance of their self, through a process of self-knowledge and personal empowerment. This is accomplished with mindfulness practices and self-awareness through playful learning.

ARTEM is based on 6 PILLARS: Motivation, Emotional Intelligence, Creativity, Mindfulness, Health and Well-being and Communication.

5 STEPS are respected throughout each process. 5 steps that give name to the methodology itself: Achieve, Recognize, Time Management, Execute, Materialize.

Individually or in a Group, with Children, Youth or Adults, in a personal or professional context … just one way to achieve goals … through the GAME!

ARTEM has exclusive games, which are intended for children and adults and can be applied individually or in groups.

Does ARTEM uses the Game to promote self-knowledge?

Yes, to encourage children, young people and/or adults, to value thinking, self-awareness and self-questioning. With games, is created a safe space dedicated to personal learning as a whole, through guided, fun and empowering reflections. Everything that is developed becomes more interactive, dynamic and fun. 

Over the years and by different authors, the benefits of self-questioning and playful learning have been validated. Knowing how to think is one of the greatest virtues and, like our body, our mind must also be fed on a daily basis! If we feed it while having fun and learning something new, the added value about ourselves increases a lot.

In each game, a reflection-situation is always presented and the solution must be constructed by the adult himself or by the child. Combining playful activities with the process of personal development and learning is of great value in any age group.

The game will arouse attention, concentration and observation, at the same time, it promotes creativity, logical thinking, emotional expression and critical spirit (constructive and positive).

ARTEM operates in three main areas:

  • PUBLICATIONS (Digital Magazine, Books and Games for Children and Adults).
  • TRAINING (Lectures, Workshops and Courses).

This is, definitely a sustained methodology, with solid and expanding roots.

These 5 steps give the ARTEM Methodology it's name!

“I Achieve”, is related with what I want to achieve in a precise moment of my life, totally aware of who I am and of what I want to reach as a life ideal.

“I Recognize” leads me to recognize my personal value and resources. Focused on my talents and my maximum potential, as well as the resources I have at that moment of my life, I’ll realize that I hold everything I need at that moment to follow up on my goal. Here I focus on what I have, not what I “still” don’t have.

My “Time management” leads me to reflect on how I will manage my time to get to the final goal. New routines and habits may have to be assumed and new priorities set for day-to-day time to be profitable and productive.

“I Execute” leads me to set minimum goals to accomplish daily. Specific goals that will lead me to the great ultimate goal. Step by step, I’m approaching the goal that I aspire to building a new reality. The anxiety decreases as I realize my achievements and the satisfaction fills me with internal motivation.

“I Materialize” is related to the final goal, to the materialization of the goal that it was proposed to achieve in step one “Achieve”. It’s now time to reflect on the whole process and celebrate the new reality. A new structure was born now!