Business Mentoring

ARTEM provides different types of services, always with the intention of helping companies to evolve and prosper.

Sometimes the intervention is maid through group training or workshops and others with the creation of empowerment and emotional intelligence programs developed individually with employees.

Knowing the company profile is as relevant as knowing the profile of a work sector or the profile of a particular employee. For these cases we have the Profile Analysis Service.

With the Profile Analysis Service, we get to know not only how the client sees himself, but we show him his maximum potential and which one or which functions fits him. This program followed the basic structure of a Coaching Program that we already implemented, but adapted to the needs of intervention in the company.

The basis of this program? Foster Emotional Intelligence and bring them to their full potential.

The ARTEM Team is prepared to design individual or group intervention programs for any company that sees in our methodology an added value to their personal and / or collective growth.

Another service that we provide to companies is TRAINING tailored to our clients’ needs. After a survey of needs, together with the client we design the training plan.

One of the most used instruments is the Artem Mindfulness Coaching Game. Through the dynamics created by this game, we combine fun with learning. The trainees are more motivated, they are more awake to questions essential to their own success in the professional activity and / or personal life. Win the company and win the employee. A perfect synergy, in which we guide with relevant issues and the presentation of value-added strategies to all involved.