Mindfulness and Empowerment Programs

Coaching is a word that indicates a personal training activity in which a coach helps his client to evolve in some area of his life. In the background, it is a process in which the individual can be more successful and happy.

ARTEM Coaching is designed to help the client to be more proactive and dynamic in his own live, feeling more accomplished, happy and motivated. Consequently, it reaches a higher level of abundance and auspiciousness in the different sectors of life.

With this method, represented by this symbology and called ARTEM, it’s accessed the psychic structure of the individual. Throughout the process, and after a diagnosis, practical strategies of liberation, organization and mental cleansing are suggested. With new internal habits, a new thinking structure and a new emotional balance can be integrated.

With a focus on the positive aspects of the client’s life, the client is guided to recognize what he or she already has, leaving the vision of a loser or incapacity that may be more present. He will feel that he regain power over your own life.

In the last step, the true meaning of ARTEM is instilled:

I achieve all my goals.
I recognize my value and my brand.
I have all the time I need.
I execute daily.
I materialize.

By increasing customer awareness of how he is in the here and now, he will realistically know where he wants to drive in the future, starting in real time to move in that direction. This methodology can be extended to the home, through a psychological look at the symbology, with the identification of what changes must occur in the space where the client lives.

The Mindfulness Coaching Game, developed following the ARTEM Methodology is composed by:

  • 1 Explanatory Manual
  • 50 playing cards, each with an image and a concept to be explored
  • 10 Mandala ®ARTEM Prints
  • 1 A5 card with the ®ARTEM symbol
  • 1 carrying bag that is at the same time game board – contains a print with 38cm * 38cm with Symbol ®ARTEM where the cards will be arranged.
  • 1 notepad
  • 1 pencil

This game can be applied individually or in groups. This is a version for professionals and therapists.

Purpose of this game:
Promote awareness and new insights that can help a richer, more objective, and more assertive view of life.

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