Creative Expression

Creativity is the ability to create, produce or invent new things. Being creative goes through “thinking out of the box,” which means, thinking differently. It happens to be original, outside the paths already traveled by others.

Sanches (2013), said that creativity is a sublime dimension of the human condition. It’s in the creative capacity that there is the key to the capacity of humanity’s evolution. The truth is that a creative individual is able to build and rebuild his reality as many times as he wishes.

Osho (2011), added that humanity has reached a crossroads. “We live the one-dimensional man, and we exhaust him. We now need a richer, three-dimensional human being. “Osho (2011) called it the three C’s – Conscious, Compassionate, and Creative. Be aware, feel compassion and act creatively.

Creativity is related to POTENTIAL KNOWLEDGE, which is no more than the original and unique form as we demonstrate what we are, what we know and what we know how to do. This is a domain that transcends the realms of Knowing-Being, Knowing-Knowing and Knowing-How.

The question I now ask is: will some internal or external stimulation be required if creativity is to be activated in each of us?

Yes! Sometimes we are so far from our innate potential to be creative that we need extra help to reactivate that potential and become aware of how unique we are in a particular character or talent.

It’s in this sense that in our individual or group therapies, through consultations, workshops and events, we often reinforce the need to awaken and keep our creative potential active. It’s this potential that gives us the power and the capacity to solve any circumstance in our life.