Creative Potential


Sanches (2013), said that creativity is a sublime dimension of the human condition. It’s in the creative capacity that there is the key to the capacity of humanity’s evolution. The truth is that a creative individual is able to build and rebuild his reality as many times as he wishes.

It’s in this context that, integrated in the Artem Symbology, Marta presents the 22 CREATIVE IDENTITIES! Considering the individuality of each human being, the author and psychologist defined 22 creative profiles that are the representation of the 22 main ways the individual has to recognize himself as creative in his or her way of being, to learn or to materialize. 22 profiles … 22 CREATIVE IDENTITIES!

How can you access this information? How can you find out what your Profile or Creative Identity is? How can you bring your team to the next level? How can you become a certified professional in this new approach?


  • Online or Presential Appointment.
  • Creative Identity Drawing (Written Report).
  • Creative Team Design (Business Consulting Process with presentation of Written Report on the Creative Profile of each Employee, considering the company’s corporate purpose, corporate objectives and strategies, and employee profiles).

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