Different Perspectives…

Look at your life from different perspectives …

Sometimes we feel that control of our lives escapes us through our fingers. Sometimes we feel our plans are threatened and we do not immediately find meaning for what might happen.

We look for answers behind answers. We feel that there has to be a greater explanation behind everything that is happening. And in reality, there is!

The moment we feel overwhelmed by a change or the possibility of it happening, the best we have to do is to look at our reality from different perspectives, developing the ability to see beyond, as if we were outside. .. out of our own reality. Look and see …

There will certainly be a perspective that makes more sense to us and it’s at that moment that we begin to see a way to come and a greater explanation for each circumstance.

Then it’s to rely on the natural capacity for adaptation and overcoming that we have as humans and to set new goals.

Everything will be alright!

Marta P. Rodrigues

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April 23, 2019 at 00:27

I truly appreciate this blog.Thanks Again. Really Cool.

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