Empty Space = News Coming

How many times have we complained that our life is stopped, that there is nothing new happening and that the best only happens to others?

What if I tell you that in order for the news to come, we need to create empty space?

I will give you some concrete examples: In your house how many drawers are empty? What do you usually leave in the pockets of the clothing you wear when you put it back in the closet? At this moment, visualizing your car how is it inside?

Ever made you think? Here at home, I like to leave at least one empty drawer in each room and if that is not possible, I arrange a box or basket to do the same effect. Creating empty space at home and keeping everything minimally organized alters the vibrational flow, passing the message that we are receptive to novelty and change in favor of our dreams and desires.

So if you feel stagnant and can not handle the monotony that your life transmits, start by asking these questions: Is my head empty enough to receive new ideas? Aside from the desire to see things change, have I done anything concrete to create favorable flows of change in my life? How do I lead my life: externally I appear to be organized but deep down I am the inner example of chaos? I want to free myself, but I resist to the detachment?

Just an article of reflection that I hope makes sense to you.

Marta Pica Rodrigues

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September 19, 2017 at 17:26

Very good read Marta .Lots of new drawers are openning for me right now ❤

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