“The Eyes are the Mirror of the Soul”!

“The eyes are the mirror of the soul”!

This expression is the purest of truths and therefore, when a health problem manifests itself in the eyes it means that the soul wants to alert that the surrounding reality is not being seen in the best way and a detour in the path of life starts to show.

Depending on the discomfort in the eyes, the causes can be:

  • Not liking what you see in life;
  • Fear of the future;
  • Don`t see the truth of a situation;
  • Irritability with what we see around us, namely by seeing people who contradict values and levels of happiness different from those that are personally accepted;
  • See the world with the feeling of being stuck or stopped in time;
  • Difficulty accepting facts and events that fall outside personal beliefs;
  • Fear of the present;
  • Difficulty trusting people who are close and intimate;
  • Mental rigidity, stubbornness, and intransigence.

How do I act in terms of strategy when I detect any of these situations?

One of the first practices I suggest is the repetition of a phrase that acts as a healing standard for changing mental blocks and limiting beliefs that may be at the root of the said vision problem. I would ask the person concerned to repeat that statement for 21 days. I will give you as an example:

“I am now receptive and in total confidence to see the truth in all the situations and circumstances present in my personal reality. I feel fully supported and surrounded by love and compassion during this process and in the following moments.”

Marta Pica Rodrigues

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September 19, 2017