In order to have a more mindful life, we can start by adopting some practices that help us to free our mind and reach the meditative and contemplative state. As a result, we start to be able to maintain our attention levels for a longer time and thus allows us to live the present moment easily.

It’s important to add, that having a more mindful life, reaching such a state of consciousness, does not necessarily involve the practice of meditation.

Mindfulness is not only Meditation. Meditation is undoubtedly one of the most effective and most complete ways to free our mind and achieve the inner peace and tranquility that we have so often sought after. However, each one of us, according with our personal characteristics, will have a greater predisposition for one or another activity that maybe doesn’t go through meditation.

So what can we practice to achieve that mindful state? 

I leave you here some suggestions:

  • Play Sports
  • Create | Express
  • Listening to Music | Play a Musical Instrument
  • Travel
  • Cook
  • Meditate
  • Build
  • Organize
  • Breathe
  • Walk
  • Read
  • Being in nature
  • Etc.