I challenge you to do this exercise!

Make a list of the 20 people you spend the most time with during the day and put them in order, being the first ones you spend the most time with and the last ones you spend the least time with.

After you make the list of these 20 people, write a more obvious personal trait that describes them, whether this is more favorable or not. At the end, you should have 20 people and 20 personal characteristics, one for each person. Try not to repeat adjectives.
Now reduce this phase of the exercise to the 5 people you have at the top of the list and their characteristics.

Want to know what the purpose of this exercise is?

Make sure that you have already done everything that was requested in this post so you can go ahead and be surprised with what comes next.

Can we continue?

This exercise is called “Detoxifying Relationships” and through the five characteristics of the 5 people you first identify, you will understand why you are in a certain phase of your life in terms of mood and personal characteristics.

The other is always a great mirror of ours. Sometimes a pleasant mirror, others an obvious way of perceiving what we should change in us.

Surround yourself with confident people and you will feel an increase in self-confidence. Surround yourself with pessimistic people and you will feel your vibration dwindling.

Do not forget that we are real magnetic fields so it makes perfect sense when we hear the expression, “Tell me with whom you walk, I will tell you who you are.”

Marta Pica Rodrigues

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