Identity 6

Família / Family

Characteristics of the Identity 6

  • Individual with strong connection to family and support network.

  • Emotional, sensitive and passionate person.

  • Speaks from the heart, which at times makes her realize that a dose of rationality might have been important.

  • Communicative, cheerful, friendly, easy conversation, that gives extreme value to the harmony of relationships in general.

  • Able to do everything for a friend. For the sake of the family, sees himself making some sacrifices and abdicating a little of himself if that means being able to do more for others.

  • Person who lives in love: for a cause, for a love, for a job, for a new project. Gives the own body and soul to live each moment in an intense and passionate way. Possesses an innate artistic gift and often has great notoriety and recognition in different working areas.