Identity 7

Conhecimento / Knowledge

Characteristics of the Identity 7

  • An introspective individual with great inner knowledge. A person who seeks inner peace and has natural curiosity for the deepest questions of life. This is the identity that researches and studies everything that it considers not to dominate.

  • Person who privileges the awareness and the encounter of pragmatic explanations for what feels and asks. The inner balance arises from moments of silence and inner dive.

  • A prudent and patient person in everything he/she does and almost always needs time to reorganize his/her ideas and make decisions.

  • Reaching a state of mindfulness and maintaining it’s one of its priorities. Can reach it in varied ways, although silence is present in almost all of them: ascesis, fasting, meditation, spiritual exercises, physical activity in nature, individual walks …

  • Person who is both mental and intuitive. Balancing these two sides, will have a deep and almost unlimited intelligence. His/her detailed eye and attention to detail, elevates to another level any consideration that we can weave and present on a theme.