Identity 8

Valor / Value

Characteristics of the Identity 8

  • Individual who represents the moral and emotional domain. It’s that person who knows how to control the force of the instincts, without, however, canceling it.

  • Intelligent strength, accentuated virtues, self-control, objectivity, joy, pleasure, sensuality, vitality, personal magnetism, energy, passion and surrender, courage, strength of character, striking presence, sense of orientation, ambition, determination and firmness.

  • Ability to embrace any project because the motivation, commitment and willpower are guaranteed.

  • Live the love intensely and the physical passion is very important to them.

  • Huge capacity for work, although does not enjoy repetitive routines and tasks.

  • Practical spirit that conciliates with the well-awakened senses and incessant instincts.

  • Strong awareness of your personal worth and the value of people and everything around him/her.