Identity 9

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Characteristics of the Identity 9

  • Individual who has a vision of concretizing the whole, materializing for the whole, sharing with the whole and seeing in a whole. It shows courage, will, determination, being sure to achieve a purpose that will benefit the whole and not only oneself.

  • Entrepreneurial spirit and a great willingness to take risks. Confident, determined, and believing in his/her value and in what he/she can build with it.

  • Easily take responsibilities and challenges out of his/her comfort zone.

  • Persistent and intelligent, it’s endowed with a compassionate spirit, giving and surrendering to social causes.

  • He/she feels happy when he/she gives, in expectation that the other will evolve with what he/she is receiving from himself/herself: be it advice, financial help, love, time, etc.

  • Believes in the progress and transformation of each person and makes it almost a mission.

  • Also believes that a better world can be built when change begins within each person.