Mindfulness Coaching

MINDFULNESS can be defined as the art of paying attention. Requires the ability to be present and to pay attention to the surrounding environment. It’s the art of compassion, the ability to be awake and to practice silence, conscious breathing and contemplation.

When we talk about Mindfulness, there are two paths that can be taken. The way of HAVE and the way of LIVING. At first sight, it seems that there is no difference but everything changes with the verb: HAVE or LIVE.

THE PATH OF HAVING is faster and less profound. It may not be perpetuated in time because it’s not so anchored in our interior.

THE PATH OF LIVING takes longer and implies a larger internal area. It stays anchored and mirrors naturally in all areas of our life.

Neither way is better or worse. It’s just a choice that belongs to each one of us through what we want to create for our life.

COACHING is a word that indicates a personal training activity in which a coach helps his client to evolve in some area of his life. In the background, it’s a process in which the client can be more successful and happy.

ARTEM Mindfulness Coaching is designed to help the client to be more proactive and dynamic in his own life, feeling more accomplished, happy and motivated. Consequently, it reaches a higher level of abundance and auspiciousness. With this methodology, we access the psychic structure of the individual. Throughout the process, and after a diagnosis, practical strategies of liberation, organization and mental cleansing are suggested. With new internal habits, a new thinking structure and a new emotional balance can be integrated.

With a focus on the positive aspects of the client’s life, he is guided to recognize what he already has, leaving the vision of a loser or incapacity that may be more present. He will feel that he regain power over your own life. In the last step, the true meaning of ARTEM is applied:

I ACHIEVE all my goals.

I RECOGNIZE my value and my brand.

I have all the TIME I need.

I EXECUTE daily.


 By increasing customer awareness of how he is in the here and now, he will realistically know where he wants to drive in the future, starting in real time to move in that direction. This methodology can be extended to the home, through a psychological look at the symbology, with the identification of what changes must occur in the space where the client lives. Individual sessions can be held for different purposes and time and the client is seen as a whole.


  • Follow-up session 1 – this session is held at the beginning of the process, so that the client can take notice of the intervention plan, addressing the expectations and motivations of the same. This session also addresses the need for self-accountability.
  • Follow-up session 2 – this session is held at the end of the 12 sessions of empowerment, so that a survey and recognition of all the implemented procedures and suggested strategies is made. A balance will be made between the initial plan and the results achieved.
  • How do I find myself in the here and now?
  • Strategies and suggestions for acquiring a positive and prosperous thinking structure.
  • Recognition of the identity profile: essence, personality, personal identity and creative profile.
  • Strengths: How can I express my strengths in safety?
  • Fragilities: How can I transform my weaknesses into potential?
  • Expression and Communication: How to express myself and communicate with assertiveness and trust?
  • Emotional Management: How to emotionally manage a conflict, problem or adversity while maintaining my balance?
  • Plan vs. Act: Knowing how to stop, listen and be silent, to act with confidence and knowledge.
  • Creativity: Promoting creative self awareness.
  • Mental and Emotional Techniques: How to maintain a mindful life.
  • Awakening to Built Identity

 The whole process can be carried out in English or Portuguese.