Health and Wellness Program

Pain and disease are clear manifestations of the body saying:

“Pay attention that something is wrong with you.”

Each person creates his own illness and his own pain. Yes, even when we talk about cancer. Cancer is the reflection of a deep sorrow, an old resentment or a great secret or regret that begins to consume the person’s essence.

This means that it’s our own responsibility to remain healthy and balanced.

In this service, there is an articulation between Psychology, Neurolinguistic Programming, Metaphysical Interpretation of Diseases and Mindfulness and Wellness Coaching.

Mindfulness is the art of paying attention. It’s in this attention that we become more aware of ourselves, of others and the environment around us. Conquering a life in which mindfulness becomes a habit, requires commitment, discipline and consistency. As with any habit, the solution is to set realistic and operational goals.

The Top Priorities for a Mindful and Wellness life are: FOOD, SLEEP AND EXERCISE.

Dr. Bert Mark Bertin, suggests that the approach involves defining small steps towards a healthier lifestyle and focusing on the three main foundations of our resilience and our health.

Nourishing our body with a good diet, an adequate sleep pattern and consistent physical exercise, will allow us to have our mind and emotions more organized and structured. In this way, we become more resilient and able to solve any circumstance in our life more easily.

The change of thought patterns is also essential to this strategy and I always recommend the repetition of sentences related to healing the problem in question. For example, for a case of someone with cholestorol, people should tell to themselves something like, “I open myself to the joy of living and my channels of joy are open and I feel safe to receive.” This is because cholestorol is related to the fear of accepting joy.

Healing begins, ALWAYS, with awakeness!