Card Game “Fluffy Adventures” – English




Family is the most important teacher in a child’s life!

We believe that a child grows happier and more complete as he/she explores the world in sharing with his/her family and those he/she loves the most.

We also believe that it’s in reinforcing the child’s curious instinct and in stimulating his/her creativity will provide him/her with the greatest learnings.

Learnings that will enable the child to solve any life-long challenges, even when they are adults.

Learnings that will lead the child to believe that he/she has all the tools to achieve any desire or dream. Self-confident children are happier children.

And with this family and friends game, we want to reinforce how much a child grows even stronger and safer, when he/she knows that can share everything with those he/she loves.

This is a game of shared questions and adventures!

How to play?
Place the cards on the table or on the floor with its back up so you don’t see Fluffy in action.

Then one of the participants removes one of the cards. I remind you that, game after game, the participant to choose the card must change, so that everyone in the group have the same opportunity. Together or the leader of that game (the participant who has withdrawn the card), will choose one of the options:

Option 1 – Let’s talk about …

Option 2 – Let’s practice …

You will see that you will have a lot of fun and best of all is that your family and your friends will want to share these moments with you. What do you think?

As you’ve seen, this game has a set of cards. In each one, Fluffy shows you some of his favorite activities. He also shares some themes that he likes to talk about with his family. So he can learn while enjoying and exploring the world!

Let’s start?
Meet Fluffy … he’s your guide!