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Dining Table

In one of the coaching appointments I did last week, it was revealed a great need for the person to improve the communication and the way it expresses itself (curiously, I verified through numerology that the same person has a 3 in one of the main vibrations for balance).

Since there are various ways of expressing ourselves and communicating, I asked my client to identify one of the ways she communicates more easily, to which she replied: cooking.

Well, I suggested a challenge. First I asked her to choose three colors. Then I asked her to prepare a meal with three foods with those three colors. Later I asked her to take a photo of the dish after the meal was served.

Today, I saw the photographs of this meal and I did a non-gastronomic analysis on the plate. I looked at the plate like a mandala and given the therapeutic interpretation of Mandalas according to Carl Jung. It was amazing how that plate revealed exactly what we had already identified in other coaching exercises. In the upper left (emotional conscious), the orange food was placed. Among other things, orange is precisely the color of the communication and by the position in which it was validated the fact that there is a great need of the client to communicate feelings in a clear and harmonious way. Fleeing from the left center to the lower left (emotional unconscious) was the green food, showing and reinforcing the need to heal repressed feelings. On the right side of the plate, with the highest incidence on the top right (rational conscious), was white. This side of the mandala is still related to the work. The white light is the specter of all other colors and undoubtedly here is well manifested the huge need for this customer to be professionally held. When in an imbalance in the professional area, begins to be in an imbalance in other spheres of life. Which was exactly what led her to coach: to feel that she was losing the light in the job she was in and by that I mean: losing her motivation, losing her enthusiasm, losing the incentive to continue there as she was at the moment.

Undoubtedly a quite revealing exercise!

Marta Pica Rodrigues

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