The key to your past!

“The past that lies behind” We hear or say this expression over and over again. In fact, we want it to be like this and we are trying to bury a past that often only needs to be seen from the front, accepted and understood so that it does not cause more pain. We threw everything into a trunk, closed it, and put the key away, hoping that the past would be left behind at once. You erase the pain? Do you forget the most painful experiences with this action? No, you create only emptiness, discomfort, and the feeling of being trapped in life.

The truth is that accessing our past is not always an easy process.

It requires courage, determination, strength and compassion. Compassion for yourself and for those who are also part of your past, whether you feel that they have done you good or bad.

I challenge you now. Do you want to open the box of your Past?

Wait! Before you answer, ask yourself a question. Am I ready to open the box of my past now? If the answer is yes, then I am waiting for you with the first of many keys that you will need!

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